Every session will be conducted on location in the settings of a studio, hotel, home, or event space of your choice. I will work with you ensuring you will look your most outstanding in any type of lighting, from indoors to outdoors that will coordinate with the type of media used to capture the moment. My resume includes experience in HD, film, stage and photography. Each session begins with a trial to ensure the makeup theme requirements and style are represented fully.5ul00jm52rbblg6t_580

Each application begins with the care of the skin: An assessment and cleansing is essential to having glowing skin and texture, then followed by light moisturization and personalized makeup application to suit the desired outcome. Refined professional makeup techniques are used to endure lengthy photo sessions or your special day. My first hand experience in the entertainment industry allows me to understand how you make you look your best for any occasion.

I will always attempt to accommodate the job at hand to meet all of your needs.

I look forward to co-creating with you.

Makeup Trial